Welcome to Bolt the Bird!


If you’re here, you love the old, eternal formats (Old School, Vintage, Legacy, …) as much as we do. Too bad they’re dying, right?…

Not on our watch!

Bolt the Bird is a place for local M:tG communities to connect around the Eternal Formats on our Forums; it’s a place for event hosts around the world to advertise Eternal Events on our master calendar; and it’s a place to take the Eternal community’s pulse through our active Polls. Overall, it’s about strengthening the global community by supporting all of the weird and wonderful pockets of eternal play. 

A good place to start is by registering, then heading over to our Forums to find your local community. If you don’t see your city or area listed, email kyle@boltthebird.com to get it added. Be sure to invite some local friends to fire up the discussion… Local meta, weeklies, local LGSs, local sale and trade…

Then let us know of events around your area. You’ll notice our calendar is a bit light at the moment, but we’ll work hard to keep it thorough and up-to-date, with your help.

Finally, check out our organized Resources page for great sites, podcasts, and discord channels to sink your teeth into.

Oh, and we’re interested in hearing your thoughts about the state of the formats, the cards, and the metagame, so we’ll post Player Polls regularly. Our inaugural poll may be the most important, and most controversial of them all…

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